LDE2 Ethnic Map, 1970

This was an ethnic map I made for the alternate history Let’s Do Elections! 2 political sim game, circa 1970. I started this map in the 22nd of September 2022 and didn’t finish it until I rediscovered it in my files almost exactly a year later on the 24th of September 2023 — I decided to finish it, because why not.

There are a few ethnicities that were the plurality in certain electoral districts, such as Iranian, Chinese, and Assyrian, which were not the plurality in any counties — and were put into the key whilst Basque and Czech were not the plurality in any electoral districts and as such were later added to the key, which is why they are not in alphabetical order but are merely tacked on at the end. I did not feel the need to reorganize the key. Can’t be bothered.

The census data I made, (with the help of friend Macleodian) from which this map was made can be found HERE: GOOGLE SHEETS LINK (soon to have a permanent link on this site)
The electoral district map referenced on this page can be found HERE: LETSDOELECTIONS.COM LINK (soon to have a permanent link on this site)