Have you tried the cake? It’s good. Maybe you’re thinking, “I’ve already eaten” or “I want to dance later and don’t want to feel bloated.” Maybe you think, “I’m on a diet.” But then, how many times will you be offered a piece of cake as delicious as this? Perhaps two or three times a year, if you’re lucky. Over the course of your life? Maybe two hundred. And how many times will you refuse? How many times will you go skinny dipping in the moonlight? Maybe seven, if you’re lucky. How many times will you lie on your back in the grass and watch the stars? How many times will you let yourself be completely overwhelmed by the great inconceivable expanse of the universe? There are only so many chances to take, and of course, you don’t know when it will end. So it all feels, limitless.


– friend sikorskiii